Orthopedic Spine & Sports Therapy is founded on the idea that there is more to offer patients than standard evaluations and treatments. There are many variables that can cause patients’ symptoms. The interaction between the patient and therapist in our evaluations analyze these specific variables and gives physiological reasoning behind the nature of the problem. Our objective is to provide the patient with a clear understanding of what’s causing their pain and how to control it.

Our advanced hands-on techniques are consistent with the comprehensive philosophy that is followed by an Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapist (OMPT). An OMPT specializes in orthopedic conditions, with two additional years of specific clinical training.


The line of testing that we use localizes the regions and structures surrounding the symptoms associated with the mechanical dysfunction. We assess the joints, soft tissue, and neural tissue, differentiating the factors causing the condition in order to direct our treatment.

Our techniques are specific in positioning, using short, straight, graded forces. This minimizes the strain on the tissues, while keeping all treatments safe and effective. We do not utilize gross, angular movements.

We encourage the development of strong, mechanically sound patterns of movement, while trying to discourage poor, habitual patterns of movement.

We educate our patients regarding their condition, treatment, and changes to lifestyle. This empowers them to continue to manage their condition once they have completed therapy.