Effective Redcord and Suspension Training Systems

Our facility is equipped with Redcord and other suspension systems, which are devices that consist of slings that can control the normal load that exercises can exert on the body. These suspension systems are able to uniquely challenge the patient’s strength and endurance due to the unstable nature of the slings which makes it an effective means of dynamic stability training. The patient has to engage their core muscles in order to control the small perturbations that come with functional movements when they are unstable. Muscles that have been inactive or dormant due to pain or surgery can be trained in an environment that can provide assistance or guide motion. For example, patients after joint replacements who need gravity-eliminated motion can use the suspension systems to train in a pain free range. Its versatility allows for less support for higher level athletes needing more full body suspension training. This training encourages balance, coordination, posture, and proper function while developing the core muscles and focusing the work to the muscles in need.