Effective Functional Training and Pediatrics

Lifestyle changes begin with proper movement and understanding of what exercises are good for your health. We understand that knowing what to do and how to exercise correctly can be frustrating, which is why our goal is to be able to connect with our patients to promote movements that are healthy and effective.

We feel that the majority of activity-related injuries evolve from poor training habits. It is important for the patient to understand the mechanisms that lead to these poor mechanics. Patient’s symptoms are often treated without the root of the problem being properly understood. An individual’s activity should be broken down in order to relieve the pathological stress causing their pain, and then gradually work into training applicable to the patient’s functional activities. As movement experts, we are ready to assist you in appropriately increasing your activity level while keeping your symptoms controlled.

To ensure proper carry over into functional and recreational activities, we allow discharged patients to take advantage of our fitness facility for one month at no charge. In addition, we have developed wellness memberships composed of functional training that are divided into three different programs to best address our clients needs. Whether you are looking for a program to continue with after completion of physical therapy, an independent training program, or a guided life-style program, Orthopedic Spine & Sports Therapy is prepared to help.