Run & Gait Analysis Program

Why is injury prevention important?

Orthopedic Spine & Sports Therapy licensed physical therapists offer a comprehensive Run & Gait evaluation and individualized treatment plan to assist running mechanics and decrease injury.

Services Provided:

  • Assessing running mechanics by experienced, licensed physical therapists
  • Using video to break down running cycle using frame-by-frame viewing
  • Providing education through video feedback
  • Addressing gait mechanics to prevent potential injury
  • Assisting in safely improve running efficiency
  • Individualizing a treatment program to address video analysis findings

Qualifying Patients:

  • Runners and walkers
  • All distances and levels
  • All ages
  • With and without history of injury
  • With degenerative or developmental gait abnormalities

Running is not just a sport, but also a lifestyle. Orthopedic Spine & Sports Therapy provides services to educate, instruct, and encourage proper stretching, strengthening, and shoes for every stride. We focus on customizing a treatment plan that will allow a healthy enjoyment of the sport and your lifestyle.