Massage Therapy

At Orthopedic Spine & Sports Therapy our mission and philosophy is founded on dedication to our patients and clients. We believe in putting our patients and clients first to ensure they have an excellent experience and receive the quality care that they deserve. Massage Therapy is a service we offer as part of our mission to improve the wellness of our community. Massage Therapy is a great complementing service in addition to Physical Therapy to help decrease stress, increase circulation, and promote healing.

Listed below are some clinical massage techniques utilized by massage therapists at Orthopedic Spine & Sports Therapy to address musculoskeletal impairments.

Deep Tissue Massage is great for relieving tension and getting rid of knots and sore muscles, while also increasing range of motion.

Sports Massage is beneficial for athletes beginner to professional alike. These sessions can be performed pre or post activity. We use dynamic stretching to allow connective tissue to move through the full ROM and to flush to the toxins that contribute to muscle and joint soreness.

Trigger Point Massage is a great way to relieve tight areas, improve range of motion, posture, and alignment.

Pre-Natal Massage is great to reduce back and joint pain, improve circulation, reduce edema, muscle tension, and headaches, improve oxygenation of soft tissue and muscles, and promotes better sleep. Massage is performed side lying or in a supported position keeping momma and baby happy. 

Lymphatic Massage helps the lymphatic system remove waste and toxins from the bodily tissue allowing for relief of symptoms from lymphedema, fibromyalgia, and other conditions.

Relaxation Massage is wonderful for lowering stress levels by reducing the levels of the stress hormone cortisol in the body, removing tension, and creating a feeling of ease and mental clarity.

Oncology Massage is a great way to reduce chronic or acute pain pre and post treatment and can help the body flush toxins as a side effect to treatments. Oncology massage can help with nausea and numbness and promote relaxation and better sleep.